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Henry B. Wainer

President & Owner

Henry B. Wainer, president and owner of Sid Wainer & Son, learned the family business from the ground up. As a young boy at the side of his father, Sid Wainer, Henry rode in Sid’s truck as they made their rounds to local Massachusetts and Rhode Island farms buying the freshest first picked produce. Visiting the farms and fields, young Henry began to learn at an early age about crops, soil, and weather, growing and harvesting conditions, and how to select only the finest quality produce worthy of being sold by what was then a second generation produce company.

Henry grew up in New Bedford and Martha’s Vineyard, where he peddled produce during the summer. It was there that he learned how to get the necessary ingredients onto the island for chefs and customers, in order to set the trends of the season. Henry went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Business (1972) from Nichol’s College. Combining his studies with his first-hand experience in the family business, Henry brought to Sid Wainer & Son a relentless adherence to offering only the highest quality products. Add to this continuous exploration, experimentation, improvement, and desire to delight, not just satisfy, the customer, and you have the recipe for his success and the values that are at the core of everything Sid Wainer & Son does and has become.

Henry cultivates the corporate team like a farmer tending to his crops—seeking out the most qualified professionals who share a passion for perfection and offering them the resources they need for growth and the ingredients his customers expect in a world where there are no boundaries. Under Henry’s leadership, Sid Wainer & Son has become the premier purveyor of specialty produce, specialty foods, fine artisanal cheeses, and charcuterie for the food service industry.

The company was the first certified HACCP produce company in America. Henry Wainer has been recognized for his commitment to promote food safety internationally and received an honorary doctorate in business management from Johnson & Wales’ University, one of the largest and most notable culinary universities in the world.

Henry travels the globe in search of new produce, cheeses, oils, specialty foods, ingredients, and culinary trends. He has visited farms in remote plains and forests of Europe, the Mediterranean, Central and South America, and Asia. He knows the name of each farmer with whom the company does business, and sometimes even the names of their cows. Henry consults with crop experts, chefs, cook book authors, and culinary educators in a continuing quest to provide culinary professionals and home cooks with the finest ingredients.

To Henry’s credit, Sid Wainer & Son has been awarded numerous gold medals by the Specialty Food Association. He is the only American to have been invited to join the Consortium of Tuscan Olive Oil producers. Recognizing the importance of the Slow Food movement internationally and the need to sustain agricultural farm land, Henry has led the preservation of thousands of acres of New England farmland. Henry has often lectured at professional education events for those in agriculture and the culinary arts.

Henry is the third generation to lead the company that was founded by his grandfather on the cobblestone streets of New Bedford, MA in 1914. The fourth generation, led by his daughters, Allie and Jamie, has now joined the ranks at Sid Wainer & Son to help carry on the family’s passion for procuring and selling the finest ingredients for chefs the world has to offer.