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Our Wainer Family Farm

In 2002 the Wainer family purchased 22.5 acres of land in Dartmouth, MA and founded the Wainer Family Farm. Two years later, they purchased an additional 27.5 acres across the street, creating one of the most beautiful farms in all the Northeast. But, before specialty produce, high productivity, and sustainable practices, the farm belonged to Bob Bettencort.

Bettencourt Farm was founded in 1913 by Bob’s grandparents, who had emigrated from the Azores at the turn of the century. Three generations worked on the farm growing vegetables, managing a dairy, and raising livestock. They grew or made everything they needed and used all of their local resources, even seaweed from the nearby coastline to fertilize their fields.

Today the Wainer Family Farm grows extraordinary produce and experiments with small quantities of specialty crops.

They would work in the fields and stables from sun up to sundown, sell as much product as they could, and preserve any surplus for the long winters. It was a hard life, but they never went hungry. During the Great Depression they were able to feed others as well; people would come from New Bedford to pick the small potatoes left in the fields. Bob Bettencourt said to Henry Wainer, “I guess we do not really know how badly we need our farms until food gets scarce, another good reason to keep our farms and open land.”

The Wainers and many of the farms in this region of Dartmouth joined together for picnics and dinners. They enjoyed the wonderful harvest of the season especially,  fresh potatoes and local clams, the plumpest black raspberries, and the best celery root he has ever tasted, even to this day.

On October 9th 2002 Marion discovered that the farm was for sale. Henry and his wife Marion purchased the Bettencourt Farm the next day.

Today the Wainer Family Farm grows extraordinary produce and experiments with small quantities of specialty crops. Hundreds of varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables grow in the fields as farmers work to improve productivity and practice new methods of cultivation. When successful, those methods are shared with other local farms. In fact, Jansal Valley was the first farm in Massachusetts to be G. A. P. Certified by the Department of Agriculture.

Students and chefs from around the world also visit the farm, experiencing the passion for produce, education, and innovative techniques. Our farmer, Milton Teixeira, is always eager to share his passion and answer the most technical of questions.

We are the first HACCP certified produce company in North America.

Sid Wainer & Son® has expanded beyond the Dartmouth farm and opened the Wainer Family Farm Greenhouse in the heart of New Bedford, Massachusetts. The land on which it sits had been previously abandoned for over 10 years, and Sid Wainer & Son® in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Management transformed the underutilized land into one of the first inner city farms in the Northeast.

At its inception, the greenhouse was created to grow highly perishable products that would otherwise have to be flown in from California. By growing the products locally, shelf-life was extended, the local economy supported, and the carbon footprint decreased. The process of growing offseason and bettering quality and yield was always experimental. Now much of the greenhouse is exclusively dedicated to test cropping micro greens, living lettuces, pea greens, and anything else changing food trends demand.