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Jansal Valley® Extra Virgin Olive Oil

17 oz.
SKU: 101480-BC

Jansal Valley® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from 100% Arbequina olives. This tiny, wonderfully flavorful fruit has been grown for centuries on the French border of Spain. The olives are cold pressed within days of picking. This yields an extra virgin oil which is naturally low in acidity and has spectacular depth of flavor, bursting with fruity spicy! Smooth on the tongue and palate, this wonderful taste sensation also boasts an earthy green color reminiscent of Catalonia itself. Jansal Valley® Extra Virgin Olive Oil exhibits a high cooking temperature, perfect for grilling, sauteing or just drizzling over your favorite Mediterranean dishes. We've tasted almost every olive oil produced in Spain, and this extra virgin Arbequina olive oil is consistently the finest available. A true taste of nature. Product of Spain