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Fondo di Toscana® Figs in Syrup

380 ml.
SKU: 101960-BC

Our Figs in Syrup are made with the finest quality whole figs, packaged in glass jars and filled with fig molasses, an infusion made with the concentrated extract of boiled figs. The regional "Dottato" fig from Calabria is used and it has a soft, rich pulp and very few fine seeds. This handmade product is healthy, natural and wholesome. Ready to serve, its irresistible taste evokes a bouquet of typical Mediterranean flavors. Use it simply for breakfast or as a snack, or on its own as a dessert or accompanied by a liqueur. Try it served with ice cream or with sponge cake. It's perfect served over semi-ripe cheese, on pancakes or crepes, with cured meats like proscuitto, or on bruschetta.