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Tom Furtado

Senior Vice President, Operations

Tom Furtado has been with Sid Wainer & Son for most of his life. Growing up in New Bedford, MA, he began working for the company right out of high school when it was just a small specialty produce market. “I started as a clerk,” he recalls, “carefully stacking one apple at a time, making sure each one was shiny and nice.” It’s that unrelenting patience and dedication to excellence that has been the hallmark of Tom’s career at Sid Wainer & Son. Over the years, he worked his way up to Produce Manager, Store Manager, and to the wholesale side as the company grew.

Nearly forty years later, Tom is in charge of all operations as well as the inside sales and marketing team for the award-winning company. Tom directs the future planned expansions and growth of the company.

“Our service is the best in the industry,” he says proudly, “It’s all about the customer. No one else even comes close.” Tom and his team ensure their customers get what they need, when they need it, without exception. This can mean sending a truck to deliver one bag of lemons in time for a party, or chartering a plane to transport mesclun greens that arrived after the last truck has left the farm.

Like his colleagues, Tom shares the devout passion for food, people, and the Sid Wainer & Son family. “I derive great satisfaction at the end of each day when we service all our customers and everyone is happy,” he says proudly.