For over 100 years Sid Wainer & Son® has been the premier curator and distributor of the world’s finest specialty produce and specialty foods.

Sid Wainer & Son® is a family owned and operated business that is committed to excellence. Over the years we have established a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture, food safety, and unparalleled quality. We depend on a highly interconnected, collaborative effort from all of our divisions- sales, marketing, distribution, quality assurance, transportation, finance, and administration. By working together as a team we are able to provide both the best products and the best service for all of our customers.

logo-wellnessOur Culture

Every day at our offices in historic New Bedford, Massachusetts our enthusiastic team members are innovating and experimenting with new products in our test kitchen, sampling fresh produce and specialty foods, and sharing recipes and unique ideas with one another. Teamwork and collaboration are insurmountably important to what we do and is a major driving factor of our success.

In every aspect of our business we remain true to our core values: Learning, Service, Partnership, Excellence, and Innovation. Working at Sid Wainer & Son® is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for those passionate about food.

Our Team

Sid Wainer & Son® was originally founded in 1914. We have become deeply rooted in the community since then. Our team is a unique and eclectic mix of passion driven professionals and culinary experts from around the world. We work closely with one another and collaborate across all aspects of the business. We fully support committed hardworking employees to advance through the company. Over 20% of our employees have been on our team for 10 or more years. At our core, we are a family, rooted in our passion for food.

Our team is our family.