Food Safety

We’re serious about food safety. Sid Wainer & Son implements extensive quality control measures, stringent food defense protocols, and goes above and beyond industry standards, to guarantee only the freshest, safest products are delivered to our partners.


An Inside Look

We utilize food safety software to streamline food safety management and collect insight into potential issues in real time. Our system maintains all monitoring documents, verifications, and validation records in addition to proof of supplier approval. Real time updates notify the QA Director immediately of any issues happening on the floor so immediate action can take place in the event of an incident.

A strict process is in place for allergen control. All allergenic products undergo an intricate risk assessment for the integrity of the packaging they arrive in and are stored based on the risk of breakage. Picking these high risk allergenic products also requires regular monitoring and additional reinforced packaging to ensure control of sequestering. Specific allergen protein swabs are utilized to ensure all detectable protein is removed from the surface prior to opening or repacking an item that does not contain the same allergen protein.

In addition to testing for allergen proteins, we also test for bacteria on all surfaces prior to use. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) swabs are used to collect a sample of the bacteria on that surface. A Luminometer machine uses RLU’s (Relative Light Units) to measure the bacteria count and deem the surface ready for use. Within our facility, we test for Listeria spp. We target food contact and non-food contact zones on a regular basis. We trend and track any negatives and positives to ensure Listeria is not growing nor contaminating our food products.


Food Defense

 Food Defense is the act of preventing intentional adulteration (terrorist act, sabotage, etc.) of food products. Our food defense begins by running extensive background checks on all potential employees, mandating identification badges for all active employees, and using mandatory badge swipes to travel throughout the building with restrictions to sensitive areas. Visitors and contractors check in and undergo training specific to our facility, prior to obtaining access to any of our buildings.
Similar strict defense protocols are in place for suppliers who dock and make deliveries.

For our visitor check in process, we use advanced passage software. This software is able to cross check the visitors’ information with national security databases and alert our team of any known threats before we allow entry. This system provides digital records and a means to communicate with upper management during a time of a potential crisis, it is accompanied by a fully integrated 24/7 – 365 state-of-the-art security system providing 360 degree alert defense across all interior and exterior areas of our buildings.