THE GOURMET OUTLET – Shop Where the Chefs Shop

Henry Wainer originally started The Gourmet Outlet to allow family and friends the opportunity to taste and buy wonderful quality ingredients from the world’s finest farms. Before then, these ingredients were only available to top chefs.

As word of mouth spread, The Gourmet Outlet developed into a way to support the local community and to test market new specialty produce and specialty foods. Since then, it has blossomed into a famous bustling gourmet shop attracting customers from across New England and from many regions around the world. Chefs from near and far can often be found at The Gourmet Outlet, shopping and tasting new specialty foods and ingredients.

The outlet features our world famous artisanal cheeses, a vast charcuterie section, and a unique, colorful specialty produce cooler filled with unusual and hard to find specialty produce. Offering the finest spices, oils, and high-end specialty goods, the Gourmet Outlet is a premier location to acquire ingredients to enhance all your culinary creations.

The Gourmet Outlet also hosts two professional kitchens for cooking demonstrations and tastings.

I’d never buy anything without tasting it first to see if I liked it. I wouldn’t expect anything less from my customers.” ~ Henry Wainer

The Gourmet Outlet is a great place to learn about new ingredients and cooking techniques. All you have to do is ask our chefs or one of our specialty experts. Our knowledgeable team is happy to help answer questions about our specialty foods, and they are always ready with recipes and suggestions.

Come visit, learn from our chefs, indulge in a sample or two, and discover new flavors from around the world right here in New Bedford, MA

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