Environmentally Conscious

At Sid Wainer & Son we care about our environment and are committed to environmentally friendly practices. We do everything in our power to protect the environment and support the community in which we operate.

-The Sid Wainer & Son recycling conservation program saves 850,000 trees a year.

-We have a complete energy efficient water filtration system that replaces thousands of bottles of water each year and eliminates their disposal when slated for the landfill.

-Sid Wainer & Son has established strict vehicle idling reduction strategies to reduce idling time of our truck fleet by 36% and fuel consumption by over 33,120 gallons per year.

-We use 50,000 square feet of solar panels that produce enough energy to save over 400,000-kilowatt hours per year. This renewable energy source reduces the amount of electricity we draw from the city grid and helps reduce our carbon emissions.

-We partner with and educate local farmers on best practices to grow high-value crops that will give them the best return on their growing efforts per acre. Inclusive of this education is the assistance we provide in sourcing seeds and choosing crops that will bring them the most optimal return on their investment and their hard work. We are committed to supporting local agriculture and sourcing produce locally from our farm partners as the seasons permit.