Our Atlantic Isles Smoked Salmon is made of the finest quality, freshest, and most sustainable Scottish Atlantic Salmon from the southwestern corner of the subarctic Shetland Islands. Our smoked salmon is beautiful and lean and has virtually no fat on the fillet. The leanness comes from the salmon swimming against the strong currents of the cold northern Atlantic Ocean.

Fresh salmon is immediately transported within hours of being caught to a traditional artisanal Scottish smokehouse. The smokehouse is Grade-A accredited by the British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety.

With traditional, time-honored techniques, each fresh salmon is hand filleted, hand salted, and hand sugared. The dry-cured process uses a unique blend of Kosher Salt and Brown Sugar.

Once the dry-curing process is complete, the salmon is then naturally cold air smoked over smoldering oak wood chippings for 12-14 hours. Cold fresh air is vented in every 30 minutes throughout the natural smoking process for freshness and taste quality purposes. Atlantic Isles Smoked Salmon is 100% all natural with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

For a more intense twice-smoked flavor, try our delicious Kilchurn Estate Smoked Salmon.


Domaine de Provence was inspired by Henry Wainer’s visits to the street markets in the South of France. He visited the Roman aquifers to visit the olive trees where much of our olive oil comes from and sampled unique artisanal products all along the Mediterranean. Each artisan uses only local ingredients, perfecting their craft in small quality batches, resulting in delicious long-standing flavors evident in their old-world methodologies. Their recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next, each adding its own special touch and perfecting their techniques.


At Sid Wainer & Son we knew that no line of specialty foods would be complete without Italian truffles. Henry Wainer traveled to Italy where he met with truffle foragers and enjoyed the incredible flavor of fresh truffles foraged that day. Over the years he was able to participate in foresting adventures and attend the annual truffle festival in Alba.

He learned the traditions and techniques of creating authentic truffle oils, exquisite butters, and much more during his search for the most ideal truffle line. Now, Sid Wainer & Son oversees a truly exceptional collection of fresh truffles and wonderful truffle products, created in historical family traditions, prepared exclusively for Fondo di Alba.


In our efforts to bring chefs the true authentic culinary spirit of Italy, we introduce our Fondo di Toscana product line. From traditionally produced extra virgin olive oil made with only the finest olives, to our rich and delicious fig and chestnut products, these recipes are steeped in artisanal traditions that are signature to Tuscany’s specific flavors and ingredients. While we may not be able to quite put our finger on what makes Tuscan products so special, whether it be the rich soil, the fresh salt air, or the rolling hills of wheat fields and olive trees, we have compiled a truly remarkable and fully-encompassing line of authentic Tuscan products.


Sid Wainer and Son has cultivated the world’s finest and most sought-after balsamic vinegar products under our Fondo di Trebbiano line. All of our products are made using the highest quality Trebbiano grapes of Modena, Italy and prepared according to artisan traditions, moved through a succession of casks—oak, chestnut, cherry, ash, mulberry, and juniper—to yield an incredibly aromatic and flavorful final product. From our aged balsamic vinegars, to our fig-infused flavors, these make excellent condiments, highly valued by elite chefs and gourmet food lovers around the world.


We work closely with a unique and heavily vetted network of local and global food artisans who are masters of their craft to bring you the world’s finest ingredients and specialty foods for chefs. Many of the products that fall under the banner of the Jansal Valley brand are small batch, non-GMO, artisan crafted, sustainably made, responsibly sourced, and from traditional family recipes.


There is only one 1st Pick. Jansal Valley 1st Pick – it is the first and finest pick from the fields, trees, and vines of our farming partners that supply us with the freshest specialty produce available.


Our Kilchurn Estate products are crafted  exclusively for Sid Wainer & Son on small, family-owned farms throughout the English countryside and by local food artisans here in the United States..


Through our L’essence des Fruits line, Sid Wainer & Son seeks to capture the essence of our first-pick fresh fruit in convenient, easy-to-use products from around the globe. Fruits preserved in sweet syrup, both fresh and frozen purees, and one step mousse mixes are all made with the finest ingredients available to ensure premium flavor. In fact, our puree producer tastes each batch as he makes them, in order to guarantee high quality and consistency, using only the ripest fruit and very little added sugar.


Sid Wainer & Son carries hundreds of cheeses from around the world, each produced with care and artisan craftsmanship, from the freshest milk to expertly built cellars. Our L’essence du Fromage products bring together traditional flavors and classic varieties, including brie, blues, and cheddars; all made by artisan producers who create the highest quality cheeses available. We have sought to capture the true essence of fine cheese in an eclectic, but an all-inclusive collection that is a trusted name for quality, flavor, and authenticity.