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Rooted in the heart of New England’s farmcoast, 1.5 miles from Buzzard’s Bay, on sprawling 50 acres, you will find Wainer Family Farm.

The Wainer Family Farm grows extraordinary produce and experiments with small specialty crops. In the course of a year, the farm produces over 150 unique crops, including over 20 different types of tomatoes, more than a dozen types of summer squash, and over 10 varieties of eggplants.


The greenhouses in South Dartmouth and New Bedford Massachusetts were created to grow highly perishable products that would otherwise have to be flown in from California. The greenhouses are exclusively dedicated to growing micro greens, living lettuces, pea greens, and anything else changing food trends demand. By growing these products locally, shelf-life is extended, our carbon footprint is decreased, and the local economy is supported.

Sharing Sustainable Farming Practices

For four generations, the Wainer Family has supported the local community and maintained strong relationships with local farmers who are dedicated to sustainable farming practices and quality growing.

When a crop has proven to be successful, we share those techniques with other farms to provide them with the experience necessary for growing successful, unique crops.

By improving education and cultivation throughout the local region, we ensure that we are able to source the highest quality, freshest produce through the most sustainable methods and preserve precious farmland here along the farmcoast and throughout the Northeast.

Sid Wainer & Son, Wainer family daughters, Jaimie, Allie